About the Adnamatna people

Adnamatna people are the Traditional Owners of the Wilpena Pound (Ikara) and Flinders Ranges area, and are co-managers of the Ikara Flinders Ranges National Park that surrounds the Resort. Adnamatna means rock or hills people in Yura Ngawarla, the language of the Flinders Ranges.

The Adnamatna culture is a vibrant culture that continues to be passed down generation to generation in a culturally appropriate way. The Adnamatna people have a continued strong, cultural and spiritual connection to this land and for them Wilpena Pound (Ikara) is a very sacred place and they ask that visitors respect their beliefs.

The Adnamatna belief systems tell of the creation of their traditional lands, they tell of spiritual snakes making up the walls of the Pound, however, we recommend the best way to learn about their culture is from Adnamatna people themselves.

The Adnamatna people welcome you to Ikara, and ask that you respect all geological, cultural and heritage sites.