Yura Yarta’s function is to provide confident men and women, who are suitably qualified to work seamlessly within client’s teams ensuring cultural diversity across the organisation.

Our Vision at Yura Yarta is to provide a gateway for local indigenous people to upskill themselves through competency-based training and on the job experience through exposure to both greenfield and brownfield work sites across Australia in the Mining, Oil & Gas and Defence Sectors whilst working in a safe and professional manner.

With the support of our sister company ICE Engineering & Construction Pty Ltd we have the experience and leadership to achieve the aspirations of our staff and exceed our client’s expectations. Jadon Tree and Nick Bindi are Directors of Yura Yarta and they are supported by the financial stewardship of E&A Ltd. The team is accustomed to working in remote areas on various rosters, providing a reliable workforce for any of our client’s assets.

Australian Mining, Oil & Gas and Defence organisations and their service providers are leading the way in the engagement of our first people. We acutely understand the value employment provides all Australian workers and the flow on effect to their communities resulting in a win/win outcome for all.

Nick Bindi - Managing Director

Nick co founded ICE Engineering & Construction in April 2001 and is the CEO. He brings his vast operational experience to Yura as a Managing Director, providing mentoring to the entire enterprise.

Jadon Tree - Director

Jadon completed his Electrical apprenticeship with ICE Engineering & Construction, working on a variety of heavy industrial sites across Australia. During this period he was selected as South Australian Apprentice of the Year at a national award. He brings his strong cultural values and unparalleled work ethic to the position of Director.